Designer Indian Traditional Safa / Turban

Safa is a traditional yet fashionable head wear of Rajasthan. It served as a protection from the scorching heat. A sign of dignity, Safa is an important ingredient to make the groom look handsome on his wedding day. It represents self-respect, prosperity and dynamic personality as per the Indian traditional myths. A handsome groom on the way to marry his beautiful bride without a Safa is rarely heard of. It’s just not an important part of a groom’s wear but also that of his father, cousins, uncles and other male relatives. In most cases, it’s usually gifted by a bride’s family to the groom’s family as a token of love and respect.

Today, one can find a variety of Safas in different sizes and designs. Opulent fabrics such as brocade and silk are used for Safa. Every Safa is decorated with intricate embroidery, beaded folds, dangling chain of pearls or studded with Swarovski. In early days, a subtle feather (Kilangi) is perched atop the Safa which is now replaced with brooches enriched with colourful stones. Generally vibrant colours like blue, white, magenta, cream and red are preferred for Safa. A groom wearing Safa with traditional sherwani looks more handsome. He is considered as a perfect gentleman.

Since there are many expert Safa designers who make customized Safa for the groom, one can get a Safa designed as per your personal taste and style. Choose a Safa that is light-weight and exquisite. Depending on your wedding outfit, you can choose the colour, fabric, pattern and design of Safa. These days online shopping for wedding outfits and accessories have become very easy and convenient. A wide range of Saafa can be found in different online stores.

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