When we think about the new season collection, “We always put ourselves under pressure,"  "We try to change it up and push it each season, we don't want to stick to what we've done previously. We don't want to be just one thing. I think there's a fear in fashion to move away from what you're known for but it's good to feel uncomfortable and scared at times. 

This fearlessness combined with his undeniable talent and hunger has propelled our brand forward and deservedly won us the hearts of the press and pockets of the world's finest buyers but it can be divisive. We believe every outfit when you wear should make you feel something special and that's what we strive for."


“Status” with a collection that bubbled with creativity and craft. Our closely knit team of fantastical employees and crafty collaborators, don't just blur lines or introduce opposing forces but rather, majestically manifest creative collisions. Each garment is the playfight of light and dark, traditional and modern, familiar and fresh, reality and fantasy, Eventually the challenge is always to do something that is not expected.

'The beauty is in the details,' is an often used phrase in menswear. With Suits and Sherwanis that artfully unravel, garments tie-dyed with a richness that forever teases the eye, a subtlety that envelops any considered viewer and a knowing of touch that excites the heart of all craft enthusiasts.